Custom Design Process

Interested in finally owning that piece of furniture that perfectly adds the finishing touch to that room you love? Well, we are excited to work with you to get it created! Our custom design process is down-to-earth, and close to home. You will be working directly with the designer, creator, and woodworker himself! Expect lots of communication, updates, and progress pictures as your piece comes to life.

  1. The Vision

Saw a cool piece of furniture on Pinterest? In a magazine? Just have a general idea? Show us a picture Рor a few pictures Рor talk through your vision and ideas with Chris. he will ask clarifying questions, present ideas, and in the end will come to a conclusion with you on how to move forward.

  1. The Bid

The bidding process includes material costs – which vary greatly depending on the cut of wood, type of wood, base style and many other factors that you choose. The bid also will include estimated labor costs. Chris will send the bid as an invoice. We do ask that the material cost be paid up front as a down payment, then the rest can be paid at the final invoice.

  1. The Building

After the bid is approved, Chris gets started! He will search for just the right piece of wood that you are looking for. He commonly posts progress pictures on Instagram and Facebook, but he will also send you personalized pictures. He is diligent in communication and always checks in to make sure you love what is being made!

  1. Finishing

There are many different finishes that are available and can be done on your piece. Depending on what it will be used for – ex. dining room table vs. bedroom headboard. This is typically decided up front during the vision and bidding process.

  1. Delivery and install

Depending on your location and installation needs, this might be an added cost. This of course is outlined up front in the bid, so there will be no hidden fees or costs at the end!