Our Wood

The wood slabs we use are all locally sourced, sustainably harvested, or come come from urban salvages.

Our Lumber

We strive to use recycled and/or reclaimed lumber to build our custom products.

Your Style

Our style is your style. We build each piece to match your desires and style - contemporary, modern, rustic, or farmhouse.

Our Custom Building Process

At Arete Woodworking, we make each and every piece of furniture to fit your desires and needs. We start with a consultation where we listen to your vision and brainstorm ideas. Throughout the whole process we communicate the progress of your piece and send up to date photos. Once the piece is finished, we deliver or ship it straight to you! Email chris@aretewoodworking.com to get started on your piece today!

Hard Work Pays Off

After understanding you and your needs, we develop a plan and an idea on how we should attack the end goal. With some creativity and pure hard work, we can make a lot of special end products. Find out our process and how we can help you!

About Us

Chris Roth

Chris is the visionary, designer and woodworker of Arete Woodworking.

Rachel Roth

Rachel is the operations of this establishment! She keeps Chris in line!

Who We Are

The visionary, designer, and woodworker Chris Roth started woodworking in 2014. Rachel, the sounding board and aspiring photographer and marketer has been by his side since day one.


  • People
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Resourcefulness
  • Sustainability


Arete Woodworking began with simple roots and intentions. During Grad School in Carbondale, Illinois at Southern Illinois University Chris was going to school for his M.S. in Sports Administration, while also coaching full-time as the SIU Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach. It was the holidays and the budget was tight; wanting to give gifts to his friends he turned an idea into a pipe holder with a chisel and a piece of sandpaper. He caught the bug and pipe holders turned into whiskey shelves, coffee tables, and dining tables. When Chris and his wife, Rachel, moved to Philomath, OR in 2015 the hobby turned into a business. Arete Woodworking products can now be found in local tap houses, living rooms, and local show rooms.

Please submit all inquiries and custom order ideas through contact form.